Child Rights and Business Principles

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 7:15am

Second Annual Global Event

This annual gathering will take place in Nairobi. It will not only reflect on the past two years of achievements; but will also have a special focus on child rights and business in Africa. Key themes for the meeting include:

• Progress by Business and Governments in advancing respect and support for children’s rights by business; the session will also present new tools and guidance for implementation.

• Child Rights and Business in Africa, unique challenges and opportunities for businesses operating on the continent.

• Foreign Direct Investment and Children, how can foreign direct investment be implemented so that they contribute to children’s rights in the country?

• Child Rights in the Workplace, what are risks and realities of child labour on the African continent; what should business be aware of?

• Advancing Wellbeing of Africa’s Children, how can business use innovation, strategic interventions and advocacy to advance the fulfilment of children’s rights?

• A Role for Government, in 2013 the Committee on the Rights of the Child released the General Comment on the role of governments in advancing child rights and business. What is the General Comment and how are governments promoting implementation?

Imagine a world where we build on the core strengths of children, their families, and communities, to create dignity, belonging, and justice for all.


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