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YouLEAD Educational Framework

Through transformational leadership programming, YouLEAD builds your capacity to support the well-being of young people and strengthen the resilience of communities in Canada and around the world.

"The tools were useful, even when life changes. It gave me a window to hope that things could change." - Cheyenne Stonechild, YouLEAD Participant

YouLEAD aims to increase participant capacity on 20 specific abilities (values-in-action) that IICRD considers essential to support the well-being of young people.  Explore YouLEAD's Educational Framework for your information about these values-in-action


Participants will explore how to put 5 core values into action across 4 learning areas: spirit, heart, hand, and head. These values include: Justice (dark blue, fifth circle), Reflective Leadership (dark green, fourth circle), Holistic Perspective (orange, third circle), Belonging (Red, second circle, and Dignity (light green, first circle).

  • JUSTICE -  We work on community development that meets the needs & respects the rights of all children, while helping them to both self-advocate and collectively face systemic barriers.
  • REFLECTIVE LEADERSHIP -  We believe in lifelong learning and the continuing refinement of the self both as an instrument of change, and as an effective partner with others on change initiatives.
  • HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE - We believe in the fundamental link between child rights and the future health of the planet, so there is an increasing focus in our work on participatory & sustainable development.
  • BELONGING - We know that learning occurs in relation with others, and strive to create safe, inclusive situations for groJwth. Our work is always based in local context & traditions while making connections to work cross-culturally.
  • DIGNITY -  We respect each unique person and take a strength-based approach.

Learning Areas

Learning Area 1: SPIRIT -  We focus on attitudes / deep values & encourage (self-defined) connection to a higher purpose / being.

  1. Strength-Based Paradigm: understand and apply new paradigms - DIGNITY (Value-in-Action, dark green)
  2. Self In Community: ground yourself in personal history (culture and family/lineage) while appreciating diversity (other people & perspectives) - BELONGING (Value-in-Action, red)
  3. Social Responsibility - care for the well-being of humanity and all life on the planet. - HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE (Value-in-Action, orange)
  4. Commit to Reflexivity: Check your self and others, commit to lifelong learning - REFLECTIVE LEADERSHIP (Value-in-Action, light green)
  5. Collaborative Approaches: Support individual & collective ideas and accountabilities - JUSTICE (Value-in-Action, dark blue)

Learning Area 2: HEART - We support cultivation of healthy attachments & emotional intelligence

  1. Respond to Challenges: build resilience through creative problem solving and communications - DIGNITY (Value-in-Action, dark green)
  2. Cross-Cultural Skills: use empathy to manage cross-cultural encounters & manage conflicts constructively - BELONGING (Value-in-Action, red)
  3. Cultivate Care: connect to land (local language, stories and the elements) and cultivate respect and care for people and environment - HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE (Value-in-Action, orange)
  4. Understand Trauma: learn about impacts of trauma on whole self, personal triggers, as well as intergenerational trauma and impacts on a people - REFLECTIVE LEADERSHIP (Value-in-Action, light green)
  5. Create Connections: & shared vision while embracing the complexity of community - JUSTICE (Value-in-Action, dark blue)

Learning Area 3: HANDS - We practice skills which can be applied to meet real challenges

  1. Lead Effective Meetings: Facilitate group meetings & experiential learning sessions -DIGNITY (Value-in-action, dark green, first circle)
  2. Cultural Competency: Cultural awareness and competency including respect for diverse peoples and ability to adapt practice to be culturally appropriate -BELONGING (Value-in-action, red, second circle)
  3. Community-Based Action: Prepare to center, plan, and implement action -HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE (Value-in-action, orange, third circle)
  4. Personal Accountability: Self organize and practice personal accountability -REFLECTIVE LEADERSHIP (Value-in-action, dark green, fouth circle)
  5. Meaningful Conversations: Interact with people and communities and facilitate -JUSTICE (Value-in-action, blue, fifth circle)

Learning Area 4: HEAD - We inquire together into “evidence-based” ideas & theories, with respect for diverse sources of knowledge.

  1. Power Dynamics Analysis: Ideas for working equitably using a rights based-perspective -DIGNITY (Value-in-action, dark green, first circle)
  2. Traditional Stories: Engage with traditional local knowledges & stories BELONGING (Value-in-action, red, second circle)
  3. Sustainable Development: Principles of sustainable development & how to understand and lead in complex systems HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE (Value-in-action, orange, third circle)
  4. Clarify Personal Visions & Values: goals & biases [seek & receive feedback to align behaviour with goals & values] - REFLECTIVE LEADERSHIP (Value-in-action, dark green, fouth circle)
  5. Child & Human Development: familiar with Child, Human & Indigenous Peoples rights - JUSTICE (Value-in-action, blue, fifth circle)

Learn about how to integrate these values-in-action through our Courses & Community.

"I don't know where I would be if I did not have YouLEAD. This program carried me. It kept the momentum to my growth going, opening up space to heal." - Sarah Sandy 



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