IICRD Associate Launches Human Rights Book

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IICRD Associate, Areli Valancia, launches her new book - Human Rights Trade-Offs in Times of Economic Growth, published by Palgrave in 2016.  The book focuses on the impact of smelting activities on the people of La Oroya, Peru. 

“Much work has been published on human rights violations generated by recent mining activity. Areli Valencia’s work is exceptional in analyzing the history of conflict and rights abuse in an old mining region, a smelter town set up in highland Peru more than a century ago. Her carefully researched and original work probes the ways in which mining closed the range of choices available to local people, leading to a systemic lack of freedom, structured by the decisions of the state and corporations, then and now. It is essential reading for all concerned about the long- term consequences of reliance on extraction.” (Liisa North, Professor Emeritus, York University, Canada) (Review - Palgrave, 2017) 

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