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Boscoville 2000 supports YouthScape in Riviere des Prairies, Québec

Imagine a community that provides all favourable  conditions for youth to developtheir full potential and participate actively in decision making that affects them!

Béluga is a dynamic project that brings together youth and members of the community to work hand in hand to build a shared vision for the neighbourhood.  Together we will try new strategies and build on the talents, knowledge and skills of young people to support them in developing their capacity as significant contributors in building a more resilient community.  This ambitious project is only possible if young people become actively involved in every step of the process.

We are convinced… when healthy youth development becomes a priority for all community members there are significant impacts on project planning and outcomes. We believe young people are an essential component to building a stronger community. When we provide space and support for youth to actively participate, there is stronger likelihood of success in strengthening the community.   

Our mission… is to mobilise the creative resources of the community to plan targeted action that will improve the conditions for youth development and participation.   

The two crucial components in this process:

The community:  

  • Develop inter-sectoral partnerships that are supportive, committed and motivated.
  • Mobilise the community resources and energy towards action through collaboration.

Active Involvement of Youth

  • Support and amplify youth perspectives.
  • Support youth participation and meaningful involvement.

Where …

  • People:  Meet the youth where they are: schools, youth centres, leisure centres.
  • Projects: Through collaborative projects and activities.
  • Systems: By influencing systems such as decision making structures and planning bodies.


  • Bring together young people and various sector leaders throughout the community.
  • Assess the reality of the community by mapping the needs and challenges as well as assets and strengths.
  • Build a common vision for the community.
  • Negotiate priority areas and plan concrete action and projects.
  • Try new tools and creative strategies.
  • Dare to go choose a different path.
  • Monitor progress and adjust accordingly.

Stepping boldly into leading with children and youth to create a better future for us all.


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