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The Capital Regional District (CRD) was created in 1966 as part of the BC Provincial Government’s initiative to establish the ‘regional district’ concept of local government province-wide. The CRD provides regional decision-making, shared local government services and local decision-making in rural areas on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island and the surrounding 70 Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada. This governance concept was designed to address service requirements that transcend municipal boundaries and where municipal collaboration is required to achieve economies of scale.  Since its inception, the CRD has played a key role in providing services that can be delivered efficiently and effectively through region-wide or shared delivery models.  The CRD is directly accountable to municipal partners and electoral areas for regional and sub-regional services and is the local government for the electoral areas, where it provides many sub-regional and local services. The CRD has a direct relationship with individuals, households, businesses, organizations and institutions that access regional utilities and services, and with communities that collaborate for regional services on behalf of their residents. The CRD also works collaboratively with First Nations and senior levels of governments. The CRD has over 200 service, infrastructure and financing agreements with municipalities and electoral areas to deliver a broad range of services.

Mission: diverse communities working together to better serve public interest and build a livable, sustainable region.

Endowed with a temperate climate, a rich ecology, stunning landscapes and proud histories, our diverse ‘community of communities’ will be one of the world’s premier places to live, work and visit. Together, we will strive to create livable, vibrant communities, practice exemplary environmental stewardship and build a prosperous and sustainable economy. The CRD will be an outcome driven, high performance organization respected for its commitment to open, collaborative processes.

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Stepping boldly into leading with children and youth to create a better future for us all.


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