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YouthScape Victoria is led by LifeCycles' YouthCore program – a youth engagement program focused on building a wide range of community capacity and youth leadership opportunities.

Sparking Change and Cultivating Resilient Growth

YouthCore’s SPARK Grants provide a space for youth-led process and implementation to help create a much-needed container for youth to make change in Victoria. We hope that the process and grants will start a series of new spaces for community impact and relationships, that could well - spark change!

Drawing on the results of two years' worth of youth-led community mapping, YouthCore chose to focus on the following areas of impact for the grants:

  • The Environment & Climate Change
  • Challenges Facing Youth who are Parenting
  • Poverty Reduction & Housing
  • Encouraging Positive Risk-taking
  • Barriers to Youth Involvement in the Community (Civic Engagement) 

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Stepping boldly into leading with children and youth to create a better future for us all.


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