The Other Side of the Report Card

Monday, May 5, 2014 - 1:15pm

Summer Academy at the International Institute for Student Support

Led by Derek Peterson, International Child/Youth Advocate in Developmental Ecology

The Academy will show how to measure the "other side of the report card". It will teach, demonstrate, and involve you in the mindsets, tools, and techniques to simultaneously raise student achievement and overall well-being.

During five days of hands-on instruction, you will ...

Learn to build on “what’s right” with your families and schools
Practice methods for youth to self-activate their web of support
Use measurable data collection & analysis tools
Become a certified Student Support Card leader

This week-long Academy will be comprehensive and include our Phase I, II, and III Professional Development content. 

Contact Lisa "Kersch" Kerscher with questions or for other assistance any time: | (406) 542-3334

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