Measuring Impact Through a Child Protection Index

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Report of a Pilot Study Kiziba Camp, Rwanda

UNHCR, the CPC Network, and AVSI Rwanda collaborated on this pilot study, “Measuring Impact through a Child Protection Index.” This report presents the methodology, findings and key learnings of the pilot study in Kiziba camp, Rwanda.

Kiziba Camp was established in December 1996, and currently has a population of 16,314, including 8,163 children aged 0-­‐17 years old (3,993 boys and 4,170 girls). The specific research objective that was addressed in this pilot study in Rwanda was:

What is the strength of the child protection system in Kiziba Camp, Rwanda, and how is it linked to violence, exploitation, abuse, neglect and psychosocial wellbeing of adolescents? 

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