Obligations and Actions on Child Rights and Business

A practical guide for States on how to implement the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the C

UNICEF and the International Commission of Jurists have jointly developed this guide on the implementation of General Comment no. 16. The business sector has a growing impact on the realization of children’s rights. There is great potential for positive effects when business enterprises are aware of their important role in this respect, and the possible negative effects must be avoided. Children are future workers, current consumers and targets of business marketing. It is necessary that the business sector care about children and promote their rights, and that States enable them to do so while at the same time protecting children’s rights against possible infringements and punishing abusive practices. We have seen progress at the national and international levels; the importance of the issue is recognized not only by States and other actors, but by business enterprises themselves. This has translated into more action and concrete initiatives. With the aim of providing practical guidance to States parties to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on the application of this Convention and its Optional Protocols in the context of business operations, the Committee on the Rights of the Child elaborated General Comment no. 16.