Using Child Rights to Protect Young Children from Violence

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Designing a Community Protection Plan

This guidebook is intended for institutions or community education providers interested in developing training processes with different community stakeholders related to protecting young children from violence, and monitoring their security and well being.

The guidebook is a basic tool for strengthening the responsiveness of families and communities in relation to protection, and monitoring and evaluating the rights of children in early childhood. This is one of the strategies of the larger project "Protecting Young Children from Violence.” This project seeks to contribute to "strengthening the preventive and protective measures necessary to address the multiple manifestations of violence, particularly armed conflict affecting young boys and girls in Colombia. This initiative was developed through a partnership between IICRD, the International Child Development Programme (ICDP); the Center for International Education and Human Development (CINDE); the Healthy Start Program of the Municipality of Medellín; the Observatory on Children at the National University of Colombia in Bogotá; and the
San Buenaventura University in Medellín.


Imagine a world where we build on the core strengths of children, their families, and communities, to create dignity, belonging, and justice for all.


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